Management of green spaces

Design, maintenance and care of green spaces.  Pruning and felling in Tree-Climbing or with aerial platform. Realization of grass seed lawn and lawn turf.

Experience and professionalism together with the use of cutting-edge techniques, products and equipment guarantee excellent standards of a service able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.



Thanks to many years of experience and collaboration with specialized architects, VME is able to elaborate the most appropriate proposals for designing of spaces and gardens, by assessing the territorial context and following the customer's preferences.

The study of the spaces allows an accurate costs estimate of both execution and maintenance. VME is also able to realize the relative ancillary work related garden environment (avenues, walls, curbs, and set up planters) offering a complete service for any structural need.


Lawn Turf

VME is able to install turf. Turf is a "mature" lawn, sown and cultivated with care and attentions for about eighteen months and then collected in strips by special equipment and rolled up to facilitate transport and installation. The clods are cut an inch and a half below ground level and the grass remains united thanks to the dense intertwining of the roots. The use of this type of turf provides several advantages compared to traditional grass seed. In fact, the grass in a clod does not require the constant care required by young plants (delicate and constant watering, fractional fertilizations, weeding, re-seeding in the event of heavy rains that move the seeds). The final effect is immediate and the new lawn can be easily walked on in about fifteen days.


Grass seed lawn

VME is able to restructure lawns by grass seed. Work starts with an in-depth processing to ensure a good uniformity to the lawn. If necessary, we resort to chemical herbicides, with the aim of eliminating all unwanted herbs, whose seeds and rhizomes are present on the ground. The result is guaranteed by a selection of the finest seeds, chosen by our experts among the best on the market. A constant monitoring of the operation and an accurate irrigation will restore the right brightness to the garden.


Flowerbeds, hedges and terraces

Thanks to its experience and professionalism, VME designs projects that adapt to environment, to customer’s preferences and to the aesthetic and use needs.

We design gardens, interiors and terraces, from classic to modern and Japanese, through an in-depth study of every aspect, in order to obtain a suggestive very high quality result. Realizations that always reflect customer’s personality and it is able to convey feelings throughout the year. Once the realization is finished, together with the customer, we plan any specific interventions and treatments.

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Irrigation systems

VME is constantly engaged in the construction and maintenance of irrigation systems for residential areas (private and residents), sports facilities, industrial areas, public green spaces, terraces, etc.

We realize completely automated systems in order to offer a service based on total efficiency and functionality for private users, sportsmen and gardening companies.


Pruning and felling

Professional service carried out through mechanical means and/or cranes to reach positions and places of difficult access and through tree climbing techniques. Reduction of the crown and removal of dry parts at high altitudes, allow pruning to perform an action supporting the tree: it favours the development and the production of new wood in its weakest points, avoiding significant tree damage - such as the breakage of branches - and ensuring the necessary safety of the plant and people.




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